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Handy Network's Solutions for Your School or School District

Based in Colorado, Handy Networks has been providing a broad range of managed IT services and solutions to educators and enterprises in Colorado for over 20 years. From our inception, the overarching mission of Handy Networks has been to deliver our customers a broad range of managed IT services that deliver authenticity in quality, value, partnership, and transparency.

We provide:

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

  • Data Center Services

  • Cloud-Based Solutions

  • Managed Services

  • Security Solutions

  • IT Infrastructure

“Handy Networks has been a reliable and trusted partner to BVSD for many years. Their dedicated IT professionals had delivered quality data center services and value to us long before we added virtual desktop services.

With the pivot to Handy for virtual desktops, we gained a district-wide, cost-effective VDI solution that has reliably enabled engineering and computer science students to continue their studies from home. Using Chromebooks to access the environment, Windows software including SolidWorks, Autodesk, and Python run seamlessly.

In this era, having a virtual solution for our students is critical for their ongoing learning outside of the computer lab!”

Andrew Moore, CIO, Boulder Valley School District

Handy Networks - DaaS

Handy VDI: Powerful, GPU Enabled Remote Desktop and Application Streaming

HandyApps and HandyDesktops are offered as a fully managed, white glove service at costs substantially less than public cloud. Users can easily access our platform across all types of computing devices, including Chromebooks and BYOD devices.

Our platform is GPU optimized. Your students can run any GPU heavy application in either a full remote desktop or as a streaming app. Think Adobe Creative Suite, SOLIDWORKS, Unity Gaming Engine, AutoCAD and more.

Optimized for K-12

Pricing from $5 per platform enrolled student, per month.

  • Fixed fee cost model: no hourly usage charges, no nickel and diming!
  • Fully supported implementation. We partner with your IT and instructional teams and do all the heavy lifting – no “cloud” or “VDI” experience needed!
  • Intensive support teaming – we operate as an extension of your helpdesk during initial stages to ensure students and faculty are onboarded seamlessly.
  • Google Drive Support
  • Single Sign On (Active Directory or SAML) support
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS, Android, and any browser that can support HTML5
School districts and educators

Curious about VDI for your K-12 school district?

Join us on February 25, 2022, for a behind-the-scenes, lesson’s learned technical and business discussion about the current architecture of our solution and VDI journey. Attendees will have an opportunity for Q&A and gain valuable insights about our R&D process, how we ultimately decided on using Parallels RAS for our HandyVDI platform, and practical knowledge gained through the implementation of this solution across multiple K-12 school environments.

HandyVDI In Action

GPU Optimized

Google Drive / File Stream Integration

Full Windows Desktops on Chromebooks

Case Study: Boulder Valley School District

How Handy Networks Addressed BVSD’s Biggest IT Problems.

  • We helped the school district’s IT staff get out of the hardware business, and
  • We implemented managed services that relieved BVSD’s IT staff from many daily burdens.
Parallels RAS partner

Parallels RAS provides a comprehensive hypervisor environment to manage your Virtual Solution. The environment provides an advanced, centralized management console, which streamlines maintenance by automating installation and configuration processes. 

A virtual desktop solution allows your school or organization to control access to each student’s or employee’s environment, ensure the security of each person’s data, and monitor progress in a singular environment. 

This environment, supported with Handy Networks Cloud Based infrastructure allows your organization to infinitely, and seamlessly, scale a solution up or down.  Combining these two best in class solutions allows us to keep our costs low, which we pass on to you. You never have to purchase more than you are using at any one point. We provide a unique, easy to use interface that reduces your management and overhead, providing for a more seamless experience to your end-user.  Your organization will never have to scramble to convert a traditional user to a virtual user. You’ll never have to worry whether you need additional servers, CPU or GPU to support your users.   In a few keystrokes, each individual user can safely and securely access your environment from any device anywhere in the world.  An added benefit is that the user only manages one User ID and Password to access all the environments he or she needs.  

From Handy Networks and Parallels

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