Events Update: CALET Sponsorship

Colorado Association of Leaders in Educational Technology (CALET)

Handy Networks was once again a proud sponsor of the 2021 Colorado Association of Leaders in Educational Technology (CALET) Winter Workshop, held on February 2. The primary attendees included Colorado technology and school/district leaders.

The theme for this year’s “virtual” workshop was “No U-Turn Ahead – Embracing the core of innovative teaching and learning with technology – now and moving forward”.

The workshop featured Colorado Association of School Executives (CASE) Distinguished Speaker, George Couros – an innovative teaching, learning, and leadership consultant. Mr. Couros is a worldwide leader in the area of innovation and has a focus on innovation as a human endeavor.

During his combined keynote and discussion session, Mr. Couros discussed the “Core of Innovative Teaching and Learning with Technology” and provided examples of how we can create a “new and better normal” in education, even when facing uncertainty. Participants engaged in an interactive session with hands-on examples, discussions, and other activities to deepen their understanding of practical ideas that could be used within their school communities.

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