Solution Highlight: Darkweb ID & Bullphish ID


In this issue of the Informant, we are spotlighting the Dark web monitoring and Phishing simulation products.

It has become increasingly critical to recognize our cyber hygiene on the internet.  Far too often important credentials are being hacked, stolen, and sold.  Our Dark Web ID monitoring platform combines intelligence and sophisticated capabilities to identify, analyze and continuously monitor the dark web for an organization’s compromised employee and customer data.  After your compromised data is stolen and sold it can be used in many ways to hurt you, your employees, clients, or students!  What better way to prevent potential account fraud by catching the threat before it is real!   Phishing attacks are becoming more complex and harder to spot and phishing simulation is the best way to train you and your people on how to recognize the most sophisticated phishing attacks today.  Be more than aware, be vigilant to the threats that await you at your inbox!

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